Install Your Own Walkie Talkie Server

WalkieFleet is the ideal solution to have full featured voice and video communication service at office or even at home. Install WalkieFleet Walkie Talkie Server right at your facilities and be independent from any kind of external providers.

WalkieFleet Server is able to manage multiple independent communication networks and can be applied either for private usage or as the solution for hosting companies providing communication services.

WalkieFleet Walkie Talkie Server is installed in several easy steps:

  • Download WalkieFleet Server setup package from our web site and install at the computer which will play the role of your communication server.
  • Use WalkieFleet Server Manager to add users, groups and do other settings.
  • Consider network infrastructure to allow your mobile clients to connect to the server.
  • Enjoy your WalkieFleet!

Professional Use

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