WalkieFleet - Professional Voice and Video Broadband Push-to-Talk Solution

WalkieFleet Walkie Talkie is broadband PTT software providing voice and video PTT calls, message exchange and location tracking in one solution.
WalkieFleet Walkie Talkie Server is implemented as Windows service. Clients are based on Android.

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Private Communication …

Professional community or even family, we feel that relatively small groups of people having tight relationships require more communication capabilities rather than ones provided by public services like Skype. Concept of private communication system introduced by WalkieFleet delivers functionality which will probably never be available in huge public systems. So, what is so special?

  • Walkie Talkie PTT Video and Voice Calls (GROUP and PRIVATE). Push to talk like on professional two-way radio. Tap on subscriber or group button and start talking immediately. WalkieFleet has two kinds of push to talk calls: Classic voice PTT calls and extended Voice+Video PTT calls.
  • GPS Tracking. Real time location tracking is available with Google Map and OpenStreetMap services.
  • Emergency Groups. Video or voice push to talk call to emergency group has the highest priority and can interrupt any other ongoing calls.
  • User and Group Priorities. Users/groups having higher priority can interrupt users/groups with lower priority.
  • Extended Messenger. Text chat, image and file exchange for individual users or groups.
  • AES Encryption. AES-256 encryption is available for WalkieFleet Corporate edition.
  • PC Dispatch Console. Window based application to communicate with and control mobile WalkieFleet clients.

Professional Use

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