New Generation of Walkie Talkie Communication

We are observing interesting trend in two-way radio world. Professional radios are getting more and more digitized. And it is not only about the way of voice transmission, it is about business logic capabilities. Good examples are digital radios based on DMR standard. The capabilities of digital technologies brought two-way radios on completely new level of professional communication with the whole family of software applications.

We tried to do the insight into the future and imagine the next step of evolution. There are two facts: smartphones and tablets are becoming more powerful and more reliable (ruggedized, water resistant and dust proof), wireless network infrastructure is getting faster and more reliable as well. Keeping this in mind, we have the reason to predict that two-way digital radios and smartphones will eventually merge into something joint. WalkieFleet Walkie Talkie is our attempt to implement private communication system having the capabilities of two-way radios on Android devices.

Professional Use

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