WalkieFleet Remote Monitoring


  • WalkieFleet Remote Monitoring is activated by license key. Please contact us to get demo license for trial or to purchase the permanent one.
  • In some countries, hidden surveillance is the subject of government regulations. On this reason, WalkieFleet has special setting in mobile client to allow remote monitoring and visual indication on the device display notifying about ongoing remote monitoring. Nevertheless, please make sure WalkieFleet Remote Monitoring complies with your local laws before using or reselling one.

Steps to do Remote Monitoring

  • Activate Remote Monitoring license using WalkieFleet Server Manager (Licenses window).
  • Allow Remote Monitoring for dispatchers. In WalkieFleet Server Manager, open Network Settings window, click Dispatcher Permissions button, tick Monitoring checkbox.
  • Allow Remote Monitoring on mobile device. In WalkieFleet client application, open Settings window, tick Allow Remote Monitoring checkbox.
  • Start Monitoring for user in console application. In the Fleet window, click ‘…’ button on the right of user to monitor and select Start Monitoring menu.
  • Click the ‘green eye’ icon to receive voice and video captured on the device. By default, monitoring is started to capture only the voice. In monitoring window it is also possible to select front or rear camera to capture.

Professional Use

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