How to add exception for WalkieFleet to Windows Firewall

WalkieFleet Server and WalkieFleet PC Dispatch Console require certain ports to be opened to operate normally. When Windows Firewall is enabled, it is necessary to add exceptions for WalkieFleet applications to open the ports.

Steps to add exception

  • Open Windows Firewall from the Control Panel.
  • Click "Allow an app or feature through Windows Firewall".
  • Click "Change settings" button if it is enabled.
  • Click "Allow another app.." button.
  • Click "Browse" button to select WalkieFleet executable.
  • Default path for WalkieFleet Server executable: "C:\Program Files\WalkieFleet\Server\WalkieFleetService.exe"
  • Default path for WalkieFleet PC Dispatch Console executable: "C:\Program Files\WalkieFleet\Console\FleetConsole.exe"
  • Click "Add" button to add select application to the list of exceptions.
  • Set both Private and Public checkboxes for WalkieFleet.
  • Click "OK" button.

Note! Besides Windows Firewall, ports can be closed by Antivirus software, third-party firewall applications or on the routers. Make sure to add exceptions for WalkieFleet applications or certain ports using corresponding tools.

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