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WalkieFleet Automatic Update

WalkieFleet represents custom update procedure to preserve consistency between client and server applications.

WalkieFleet Server Update

WalkieFleet Server checks for update at When new server build is published, notification window gives an option to download and install new server version.

WalkieFleet Client Update

Client application is updated only from the WalkieFleet Server!

Major Notes

  • At the login stage WalkieFleet Server checks if the client is applicable to work with this specific server version.
  • There are 2 types of client application updates: Optional and Obligatory. It is possible to skip optional update. Obligatory update must be applied to connect to the WalkieFleet Server.
  • It is recommended to have internet connection at WalkieFleet Server PC since client updates for specific server version can be published at and downloaded by the server automatically. 

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