New WalkieFleet 4 release!

Walkie Labs is happy to announce the release of WalkieFleet version 4! We worked a lot to introduce you major update of our Walkie Talkie solution. The most valuable features of new release are PC Dispatch application and updated voice codec bringing new outstanding quality of the voice communication.

New Features

  • PC Dispatch Console. New Windows based application providing control and communication capabilities over mobile devices working in the fleet.
  • Adjustable Voice Quality. In version 4 we have changed the codec used for the voice calls. New codec provides outstanding quality of the voice and allows adjusting the quality depending on available network bandwidth.
  • User Permissions. Centralized control of the functionality and features available for mobile devices. Using server manager, Administrator can restrict following operations: voice PTT calls, video PTT calls, location tracking, text messages, event log.
  • New Sound Notifications. Sound notification on server connect/disconnect, call start and stop. Special sound notification on Emergency call, group or private calls.
  • Hardware SOS button. Hardware SOS button is now supported on K-Mobile F22 and F25 devices. SOS button initiates the voice PTT call to the emergency group if it is available for the user.

PC Dispatch Console

WalkieFleet PC Dispatch Console is Windows based application providing dispatch control capabilities over multiple WalkieFleet communication networks.

Main functionality available in the console:

  • Control over several communication networks at the same time
  • Voice PTT Calls
  • Message Exchange
  • Location Tracking
  • Event Logging

PC Dispatch Console

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