New WalkieFleet 5 release!

Extended Messenger

Walkie Labs is glad to introduce the release of WalkieFleet 5! The most valuable feature of new release is extended messenger. WalkieFleet text chat has been dramatically boosted with capability to exchange images and files.

New Features

  • Extended Messenger. Chat capabilities on client devices and PC Dispatch console are enhanced with the option to send pictures and files.
  • New Types of Group Calls. All Call Group - All Call can be initiated only by the users assigned to the group, but transmitted to all online users in the network even if they are not group members. Broadcast - One-way group call which can’t be responded along the hang time.
  • Location Tracks on Dispatch Console. Display user location tracks on the map based on location data collected in WalkieFleet server database.
  • Voice Recording Report on Dispatch Console. Fetch and playback voice call recordings saved on WalkieFleet server.
  • Manage Users and Groups on Dispatch Console. Capability to add/edit/delete users, groups and statuses on the console application.
  • Call Alert. Capability to send call alert notification to the user available online.

See Release Notes for complete list of new features.

Professional Use

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