WalkieFleet 5.1.5 Release

New features and updates

  • Selected Group. Capability to set group as "Selected" on mobile client. When group is set as selected, user listens only the calls to this group. In addition to selected group, users accepts private calls, emergency calls and All Calls.
  • Knob selector support. Groups can be assigned to knob selector. Works on specifc professional Android devices supported by WalkieFleet.
  • Voice announcement of selected group name upon the knob selector switch.
  • Video call history playback in console application.
  • Download selected call recordings to console PC.
  • Call initiation delay enhancements (about 300-400ms faster than in previous build).
  • Setting in mobile application to keep microphone always open. Helps to reduce call initiation delays, but prevents other apps from using the microphone.

Professional Use

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