WalkieFleet 5.3 Release

New features and updates

  • Remote Monitoring Service. Capability to capture voice and video from client devices to show on console and record on server (Requires remote monitoring license to be enabled).
  • Playback voice call recordings on mobile client. Event log on mobile client is extended with capability to playback voice call recording from server.
  • Individual User Permissions. Previously it was possible to control user permissions at the network level, which were applicable to all users in the network.
  • Location track report in console is extended with detailed sheet representing all the locations collected in a given period.
  • Remote update of wfinit.cfg on client device from console. Wfinit.cfg file can be sent in console by means of Messenger functionality.
  • Server Ping. Enable ping from client device to server to keep “warm” IP connection. Allows minimizing call initiation delay after long idle time, while increasing battery consumption.
  • Low battery warning. Notification on client device about low battery when it goes under certain value (by default 20%). Low battery tone can be substituted by voice message specified in wfinit.cfg file.
  • Support for Telo TE390 radio.

Professional Use

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