WalkieFleet Recognized Unsurpassed for both Professional and Personal Use

Many thanks to our partner Niko Caignie from Belgium for such a positive review. For the sake of such words, we are ready to work non-stop. Thank you very much for your feedback, such reviews are very inspiring to us!

Niko Caignie
Photo and Video Director

Before choosing WalkieFleet I’ve tested a lot of similar softwares. WalkieFleet is unchallenged for me!

At the moment I have 2 networks for my own needs (for work communications and for my family) and 2 for others (a network for a Holiday Resort in Sweden and a network for Demo or to hire).

I have a special Network Radio in the car that is connected to several networks depending on usage/need.

Professional use

For my work, I travel around in Europe, with several crews. WalkieFleet allows me to communicate efficiently all over Europe (Roaming Fees are gone in Europe) and works much better than Walkie Talkie systems that are very limited in reach & quality. Very happy with the backup server functionality. Once my primary server went down due to problems at the Hosting Server, it switched within 30 seconds to my backup server. That was amazing!

Personal use

For personal use, WalkieFleet enables me to give my kids some trust to go to the store, walk the dog. I give them a radio with them so that they can keep in touch or in case of emergency contact me. When we are on holiday, we mostly go out in nature camping. I let them wander around in the neighboring forest or fields, but I always give them a WalkieFleet device to keep in touch. It’s also very easy to track them in case of emergency with the Location tracking.

Professional Use

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