WalkieFleet Saved People's Lives in South Africa

Besides the business, there is something really important which makes us proud and satisfied for many years efforts we put on developing WalkieFleet. Here is the story from our partner in South Africa.

Shaun Taute, Director
Ace Communication Distributors
South Africa

South Africa is the country with high levels of crime and suicide, where civilians and private security companies are always at risk. Walkiefleet real time location tracking capability has made a major contribution in identifying and managing threats and constitutes the central element in the robust security strategy.

Story # 1

An armed reaction officer was responding to an alarm activation in a remote small holdings area in the East Rand, South Africa, where there are not much traffic and movement. While driving to the incident location the officer started feeling bad and eventually turned of the main route into a side road and into a dark driveway out of the sight of any traffic and passed out as he got out of his vehicle. He was unconscious next to the road with his firearms and ammunition in full sight of any person walking pass.

The control room could not get hold of this officer, the vehicle tracking did not show the actual current position but was still showing the vehicle as being on the main road, as it only updates once every few minutes. Luckily it is possible to see one’s live location on the WalkieFleet Dispatcher PC Application. A manager was immediately sent to the location as found on the WalkieFleet Dispatch. Upon getting closer to the area where the officer was lying unconscious the manager used his WalkieFleet Android App on an Inrico T298 device to correctly locate the officer. An ambulance was dispatched and the officer was certainly saved by getting to him timorously and being able to get him transported to a medical facility.

Walkiefleet had undoubtedly helped save the officer’s life as well as preserve the weapons he had with him during the unfortunate loss of consciousness.

Story # 2

"As we were doing a demo for a community group, one of the people received a disturbing phonecall that a family member was going to commit suicide as they found a note they had left. The person immediately jumped in his car and rushed off to the area where he thought she may try to do this. During the rush, his phone was left behind and no one could get hold of him as he was on-route to an undisclosed location to find the person trying to commit suicide.

Fortunately because of the demo we did he still had one of the Inrico T199 radios in his vehicle as he was driving around during the demo showing other people how it can be used to follow a person using the Tracking Function. An ambulance was immediately dispatched and the Locations were giving to them periodically to find the person. Fortunately the person was found and saved before she could take her own life. No doubt that the Walkiefleet System saved this persons life as well."

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