WalkieFleet PoC Solution
WalkieFleet push-to-talk over cellular provides secure communication
Voice and Video PTT
WalkieFleet supports individual and group PTT calls.
WalkieFleet allows exchanging text messages, images and files.
Location Tracking
WalkieFleet provides GPS tracking capabilities to get the locations of the fleet members.
OTA Programming
The dispatcher can change the configuration settings and send updates to all the users.
Server Redundancy
Redundant server can be used in case of failure or excessive traffic at the primary server.
Custom Consoles
Dispatcher application allows to design visual custom consoles consisting of a number of visual controls.
DMR Integration
Wireline integration to DMR networks via IP connection to the repeaters
WalkieFleet PC Dispatcher for PoC & DMR Fleets
WalkieFleet PC Dispatch Console is Windows based application providing dispatch control capabilities over multiple WalkieFleet communication networks.
Dispatch Console delivers integrated communication environment for both PoC and DMR fleets.
Why WalkieFleet?
License Policy

Flexible license policy allows having only required system capacity and easily extend at any time.
High Performance

Being built on 64bit architecture WalkieFleet server provides stable and high-efficient operation.
Reasonable Prices

WalkieFleet prices are very affordable compared to other solutions. Ask for a quote to see the difference!
Various Supported Devices
WalkieFleet supports many PoC device vendors.
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    WalkieFleet is compatible with most smartphones, tablets and with a variety of smart radios and rugged devices.
    Smartphones with Android 4.0+ or iOS 10.2+ operating system
    Regular or industrial tablet devices running Android 4.0+ or iOS 10.2+ operating system
    PoC Devices
    PoC devices running Android 4.0 or higher
    Supported Devices Brands
    WalkieFleet provides special support for the devices brands listed below to provide professional walkie-talkie communication.