Business Opportunities with WalkieFleet

Our business strategy is building a strong partner channel delivering services based on WalkieFleet to their end customers. Walkie Labs puts all efforts to develop reliable and functional software helping our partners to do successful business. We don't compete with our partners and don't provide any hosted services ourselves.
Rent out
Deploy your own WalkieFleet server and provide rental services to the end customer.
Resell and deploy communication system based on WalkieFleet.
Become our developer partner and use WalkieFleet API to develop your own client applications.
WalkieFleet Partners' Benefits
  • Branded Editions
    Capability to brand WalkieFleet with a partner name and logo.
  • Multi-Customer Server
    Host up to 100 customers and thousands of mobile users using only one WalkieFleet server.
  • Windows-Based Solution
    WalkieFleet server is based on Windows, so it's inexpensive and easy for end customers to deploy.
  • Easy Licensing
    All license keys are applied and controlled only on WalkieFleet Server.
  • Easy Operation Control
    Start/Stop each individual customer operation. You can control operation and capacity of each customer individually.

  • Variety of Device Vendors
    WalkieFleet supports a number of Android radio vendors providing end customers with diverse solutions.
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