Custom Consoles

Dispatcher application allows to design visual custom consoles consisting of a number of visual controls.
Custom Console Controls
Frame - Rectangular frame having no functionality. Used only for visual design
Voice PTT Private - Button to make a private call
Voice PTT Group - Button to make a group call
Battery Alert - List of devices having battery charge level in a definite range
Group Patch - Represents a group patch defined in Group Patches window
Clock - Digital clock control
Custom Console Designer
Dispatcher application supports using multiple custom consoles at the same time in scope of single instance.
Use Tools / Custom Consoles to open list of Custom Consoles
Tick checkbox on the left of console name to show it in View menu.
Custom console is opened from View menu for runtime operation
Custom Console in Design Mode
Custom console designer consists of
  • Toolbox - List of controls available to design a custom console
  • Console Workspace - Area to put controls on a custom console
  • Properties Window - List of properties for selected control
  • Preview Window - MInimized console layout preview
Drag required control from toolbox to console workspace
Drag required control from toolbox to console workspace and set properties for selected control.
When all required controls are added and set, save a console, tick checkbox for the console in the custom console list and open it through View / 'Custom Console Name' menu.