WalkieFleet 5.7.1 Release
Walkie Labs is glad to present a new 5.7.1 release!
  • Make sure to try new unique capabilities to design your own console. Using a visual designer you can make it look exactly the way you need it.
  • Selling Hytera DMR? WalkieFleet now implements wireline integration with Hytera DMR networks. You will be surprised to see how much it can do for a very affordable pricing.

Integration with Hytera DMR
  • 64-bit implementation based on Hytera DMR Application Protocol
  • Control over multiple Hytera DMR networks from single server
  • Private and group calls
  • Call recording
  • Text message exchange
  • Location tracking
  • Call alert
  • Radio Check
Dispatch Console Enhancements
  • Custom Console Designer
    Design your own dispatch console using embedded visual designer empowered with a number of building blocks - visual controls:
    • Frame control - Draw frames on a custom console to logically and visually split groups of PTT buttons
    • Voice PTT Group - PTT button to make a group voice call
    • Voice PTT Private - button to make a private voice call
    • Battery Alert - list to monitor devices having battery charge in a definite range
  • Battery Charge Control
    Control mobile devices battery charge from dispatcher application. Implemented in scope of custom consoles ("Battery Alert" visual control).
  • Key Mapper
    Assign predefined action to accessory buttons of PoC devices. Actions to assign: Playback last incoming voice calls, Start/Stop Emergency, Set user status.
  • Points of Interests
    Add point of interest on a map represented by custom image file.
Mobile Client Enhancements
  • Support of Hytera PNC380 PoC radio
  • Support of ZTE E350 PoC radio
  • Support of RugGear RG730 smartphone
Try new unique capabilities!
Download WalkieFleet Server, PC Dispatch Console and Client APK