WalkieFleet 5.7.2 Release
We are glad to announce new 5.7.2 release introducing new great developments from Walkie Labs LLC.
Following many demands of our partners we developed and now present Guard Tour functionality.

Guard Tour Features
Checkpoints based on NFC tags and POI (points of interest on a map)
Route types: Time limited, definite sequence or free sequence routes
Route control in the dispatcher application
Guard Tour report
Kirisun DMR Integration

Wireline connection to Kirisun DMR repeaters providing extended integration including:

Private and Group voice calls
Location Tracking
Text Message exchange
Call Alert
Radio Check
Other New Features
Import / Export of users and groups in the Server Manager
Filter by user name in the Network Settings window
Better Bluetooth support in WalkieFleet Android client
Try new unique capabilities!
Download WalkieFleet Server, PC Dispatch Console and Client APK