WalkieFleet 5.7.5 Release
We are pleased to present WalkieFleet 5.7.5. In this release, among the main enhancements we can give emphasis to
a big step ahead in DMR integration with Hytera XPT trunking and Caltta DMR support and long awaited mapping alternative in the dispatcher presented by OpenStreetMap operating in both online and offline modes.

DMR Integration Enhancements
Hytera XPT support
Hytera Pseudotrunk Support
Caltta DMR Tier-2 Wireline Integration - Private and group voice calls, location
tracking, message exchange, radio check, call alert
OpenStreetMap in the Dispatch Console
More Enhancements
Control Selected Group on the mobile devices from the dispatcher
Administrative Mode for dispatcher connection. Dispatcher working in
Administrative Mode doesn't receive any real time operations (voice,
messages, etc) and is not visible online for other fleet members.
Administrative Mode is convenient to manage users and groups, control
device settings and make reports.
Server side location polling time for users and groups
Please see release notes for more details.
Try new unique capabilities!
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